create with passion | implement effectively | evaluate outcomes | deliver results

Sheer Rhetoric doesn't work for you, we work with you as a member of your team. We have experience, credibility and know how to be a valuable asset whether it's for a major event, ongoing support or a short term project.


Integrity, honesty and a sense of humour are the key skills we employ in our relations with the media. It means editors, producers and journalists take our calls and trust our information.


The media can be a powerful ally in the promotion of your organisation or brand but what happens when things don't go according to plan. It’s human nature to hope a problem will go away but they rarely do. We have the expertise to manage and contain an issue to prevent it becoming a crisis but if the worst happens we'll help you achieve the best possible outcome.


Our S.W.O.T. Assessment will find out if you are getting the best return from your sponsorship portfolio and promotional campaigns. A website content check will determine if customers or members can easily access current information about your services and products.


Your stakeholders, fans, members and consumers receive an avalanche of messages every day. To connect you have to define your story so that it is conveyed in a creative, compelling and concise manner so that every time you communicate you stay clear of the delete key and leave a positive impression.


Deciding what you want to say is just the first step. The next is deciding how to deliver it. We can assist with your planning and coordinate any design and production requirements across digital content and print collateral. These might include websites, brochures, social media identities, logos and corporate branding.


You need to be able tell your story regardless of whether it's good news or bad news and you need to deliver it in the style appropriate to the medium. We'll equip you with the skills to communicate with media and stakeholders.


Events can showcase your brand but they require a significant investment of time and resources. We have experience across all facets of event management including finance, production, design, catering, staffing, operations, promotion and media relations.


To communicate you need content and whether it's digital, print, broadcast or in person, the content needs to be compelling and easy to understand. The channels might change but the 'keep it simple rule' still applies. We will help you identify and target specific messages and we'll write and edit content that reinforces your message including annual reports, speeches, soundbites, stakeholder updates and presentations.


The digital landscape is a dynamic and complex one and getting your message heard is a challenge. We can devise, design and implement the most efficient and cost effective mix of tools for you to communicate with your staff, members, customers and stakeholders. We'll also make sure you can track the results.


Social Media is a conversation that anyone can join. We'll help you engage in a two-way conversation with your stakeholders, fans, members and critics using the appropriate social media channels. Plus we'll set up the tools to track and analyse the data.


Everyone has an opinion and now everyone can publish it. Ideally your internal stakeholders manage the official Twitter handle and interact with the public on Facebook but sometimes you need outside assistance especially when issues arise.


There's more to sporting endeavour than what happens in competition and whilst the opportunities are many the pitfalls are just as various. We help athletes capitalise on their success and work with managers to help their clients become sought after media and corporate personalities.